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November 28 2014

Jason Ellis Photography Receives the �Photographer of the Decade� Award

Jason Ellis (even the founding father of his name title Jason Ellis Photography) was the man of the hour when he was nominated early and Jason Ellis Receives the Photographer of Decade Award later for his well-known presence within the photography industry. Spann over 16 numerous years of experiences to his credit, he bagged the famed title for his immaculate try to bring fitness photos from famous, world class bodybuilders. Jason Ellis Photo

Jason Ellis is just coined the King of Covers plus a movie passes the identical name because he is another seasoned movie director. Jason Ellis Photography will be the world�s topmost fitness professional photographer who resides in Orange County, California.

He has shot covers for above 200 top fitness and modeling magazines worldwide. His notable work may be mentioned in covers of international fitness and muscle magazines namely Maxim and Elle. He owns an internet site that features his achievements and accolades. His updates on Instagram just isn't to be missed since it frequently gets updated with stunning images of the photo sessions he has managed till now.

Jason Ellis continues to be recently awarded because the �Photographer of the Decade Trophy� on the Oc fit expo and that he had been competing in the 1998�s ASN photography fitness competition for your credit of yank Sports Network; courtesy of bodybuilding.com which can be thought to be one of the most highly noted awards in the conditioning industry.

He could be an effortlessly recognizable face around the industry of photography for Ten years and counting. He has enough contacts to enjoy his favor. Automobile upcoming face has to be duly noted, Jason can turn the wheels in not time. He's succeeded in giving the required chance of the beginner models to the respective clientele who may have had the privilege working with him previously. His unhinged talent and graceful philanthropy for a lot of unheard names and faces can also be noteworthy if unmentioned.

Mr. Ellis claimed the absolutely no. 1 spot only because of his determination and contrasting hours of labor in the field. Most critics, Clark Bartram claim him since the most trustworthy fitness professional in the united states, while Mike Glass of Orange County Fit Expo say his passionate approach to dream and rationalize his vision makes him the number one photographer from the athletes.  Jason Ellis Photography

In Jason�s overall professional career of 16 years experience to his credit; he directed 3 fitness and muscle related documentaries. His breakthrough direction was My home and that he star-casted none other the Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler in 2005. Trending through further, Mr. Jason Ellis shot a documentary titled Undisputed which included 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler around 2009. He never merely attempted to give likeness to only one aspect of field so he did a documentary called Growing Young that speaks anti-ageing issues co-relatively by using founder P90X media mammoth Tony Horton, and in addition Instagram�s own fitness sensational icon Jennifer Nicole Lee. Jason Ellis� recent involvement brought his direction and gave life to the movie The right Physique which had 4x Mr. Universe Mike O Hearn with many known quantity of body-builders.
To find out more, look at the Jason Ellis Photography website.

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